Motorbiking in India

South Asia offers a number of most scenic and interesting routes for motorbiking. From the Himalaya range to the Thar desert, extreme challenges and landscapes make a biker’s heart throb. However, there is a huge difference between motorbiking in Asia and motorbiking in Europe or America. Riders have to adjust to traffic, road conditions, behavior of pedestrians, etc. The following information gives you advices to support for your first steps as a rider in Asia but can not replace practice, preparation and awareness.

The Roads

Indian and Nepalese roads can be in very rough conditions. Around the main cities there are mostly acceptable highways or at least plain roads, however the surface of streets in remote areas can vary from almost plain to almost not existing. For medium-experienced riders, a few days of practice are recommended and even experienced bikers should take their time to get used to the circumstances and take it easy at the beginning. Roads can be blocked because of landslides or heavy rain fall in the monsoon season and in Nepal because of political strikes and demonstrations. If this happens during a package tour, our team will decide to make some changes in the itinerary or timing with you so that the following of our motorbike tour progresses perfectly. If you are in such a situation while renting a bike, we will try to inform you in advance and request you to contact us for advice.

The Bikes

The most popular bike of India is without any doubt Royal Enfield. Old British army motorbike, national indian heritage only ten years after the country’s independence, these traditional Indian motorbikes show the best reliability on Asian roads and perform best below 70 km/h, which is an appropriate speed for Indian and Nepalese cities. Robust and flexible at the same time, this motorbike allows to make light of all the traps of the indian roads. Spare parts are easily available in India and almost every mechanic has experienced with Royal Enfield. The Hardev Motors mechanics are experts in the field and always work with the highest degree of expetise, providing appropriate spare parts and tools for both; guided motorbike tours and individual tours with a hired motorbike. The situation in Nepal is more difficult: Motorcycles in general are expensive and spare parts rare. Renting a Royal Enfield in Nepal can cost more than double than in India. 350cc or 500cc Royal Enfield bikes are the most common and suitable for the Himalayan roads. However our company always recommend a 500cc Royal Enfield in hight altitudes.

The Traffic

Indian and Nepalese traffic is always on the leftside! But this is not the only difference to most of the western countries. What might seem at the first sight completely chaotic and unorganized has certain rules that should be followed while riding. One important gadget in Asia is the horn. You should horn before every sharp curve or any place where you can’t easily see opposing traffic to warn others of your presence on the road. Moreover you should blow horn before passing any other vehicle. The driver before you might show with a gesture if you can safely pass or should better stay behind. In general the rule “might is right” is very important in Asian traffic, you should better let bigger or heavier vehicles go first. But still, traffic can be very chaotic and difficult to drive, especially in main cities such as Delhi or Kathmandu. It is important to keep your eyes open all the time and expect others to do the unexpected.

The Environment

Hardev Motors organizes guided motorbike tours in some of the wildest areas on earth, accordingly the weather and environment can be unstable sometimes, especially in the Himalayan foothills. Landslides, moving glaciers, heavy snow fall and others happen very frequently in the Himalayas and can lead to road blocks or accidents. In 2009 there was a cloud burst in Ladakh that lead to a flood that destroyed the area gravely and took many human lives. The Thar desert is dangerous because of extreme heat during the day time or, in the extreme case you loose your way, the shortage of water. Seriously dangerous incidents are rare but possible, so it is better to be prepared with enough food, drinking water, appropriate equipment and medicines. In a guided motorbike tour, Hardev Motors provides everything that is necessary. If you rent a bike from us and go on your own to Ladakh or Spiti Valley, it is your responsibility to carry a proper equipment. However, our team is there to give you professional and individualized advices and to tell you what to carry with you so that your trip progresses under the best possible conditions. Do not miss this opportunity, biking through the Himalayan landscapes is an amazing experience that you can never forget in your lifetime.

We wish you wonderful holidays free from disturbances and request you to contact us immediately if any problem occurs.

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