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Hardev Motors motorbike tours stand for extreme adventure with a maximum of safety. Our team has a full knowledge of all the roads mentioned in the itineraries and is well-experienced in riding through an environment sometimes difficult, such as some Himalayan areas, and in dealing with any kind of unexpected situation. We aim at making your trip an unforgettable experience and always concerned about your needs and requiements. Whatever your request is, we are seeking an appropriate response
to assure your complete satisfaction.

If you rent one of our motorbikes, our team will help you to make a schedule for your tour and will tell you which accessories you should carry with you or where you can buy them. In our complete package tours, a detailed itinerary and a list with all included services and items will be distributed to you after booking confirmation.

Important for every starting is a waterproof clothing equipment that is appropriate to climate conditions. For trips in the mountains, thermo active underclothes, sleeping bag and weatherproof bags are necessary. Climate is not always mild in the Himalayas. If you don’t hire a support vehicle, you should keep your luggage as small as possible. The importance of wearing a helmet, knee and elbow pads and appropriate shoes is not to be ignored or forgotten.

If you don’t bring your own motorbiking equipment, you can buy everything in Delhi or Manali easily in one of the many mountaineering shops. But don’t be fooled by the famous labels on the offered clothes. Even though the quality can be very good and the prices much cheaper compared to western countries prices, most of them are copies of well-known companies. You can also hire your equipment at the Hardev Motors workshop which is a very cheap alternative.

Please check out the rates in the category “Motorbikes for Rent”. We provide in any case helmet, knee and elbow pads for free to every customer.

To ensure that you don´t have to face any grave technical problems on the way, it is necessary to carry some spare parts with you. Our company provides spare parts and tools to every customer that will be charged only if you need them.

If you rent one of our bikes you can rent a mechanic that accompanies you to ensure if a quick service is needed. If you hire more than three bikes, it is compulsory to hire a mechanic as your support plus a bike for him. In a complete package a mechanic and all costs for him are always included.

For the visit of certain regions in Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh, there are special permits of the government which are necessary to enter. You can try to get those permissions from a travel agency e.g. in Leh if you are at least two foreign people on the trip.

In a complete package tour, Hardev Motors is responsible for providing you all the required permits. In addition, fees and a guide are included in the package costs.

Accommodation might be a difficult matter on the way to Leh (Ladakh). After Jispa there are no more hotels on the way so you have to stay in tent camps that might vary significantly with their comfort and hygiene. After renting a bike from Hardev Motors, we tell you where to stay best over night and how to ensure that you reach the next camp before dark. In those camps you can have basic food (Maggie noodles, daal, omlette, etc.), chocolate, cigarettes and alcohol. It is reasonable to carry trekking food and dry fruits with you to avoid a lack of vitamins.

In our tours you will be accompanied by a kitchen team that serves a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are easy to digest and appropriate to the altitude. For every tour it is compulsory to drink enough water, tea or juices to avoid dehydration.

There are certain health problems that might occur during a motorbike tour in the Indian or Nepalese Himalayas. The following are the most common:

Mountain Sickness (AMS)

Is common in a light form while riding in the Himalayan area. Symptoms can be confusion, dizziness, nausea, headache and others. To avoid AMS it is necessary to take time for acclimatization and get used to the high altitude. AMS can be accompanied by dehydration and diarrhea. You can make yourself feel better by taking Diamox or Paracetamol tablets even though it does not cure the disease and only reduces the symptoms. If you have severe symptoms there is only one solution: to descend to a lower altitude as quick as possible. This sickness can potentially be deadly and is to be treated seriously!

Traveler´s diarrhea

Hygienic conditions and food in Asia can be unknown to western travelers at the beginning. This might cause digestion problems and diarrhea. In general it is recommended not to stop the diarrhea for about two days to expel toxins from your body, and then you can take Immodium. If a break of one or two days is not possible, Immodium can be taken for the rest of the journey and a break should be done after the tour. It is necessary to drink a lot of water with mineral salts or electrolytes to fight dehydration.


As in every desert, the hot Thar desert or the cold mountain desert in Ladakh, dehydration happens easily. Especially in a cold and dry environment, you don’t feel immediatly the need to drink and the symptoms can appear very late. To avoid this, enough water and maybe electrolytes from a medical shop can help. An emergency treatment if nothing else is available can be to mix few spoons of salt and sugar with water and to drink this solution quickly.

*This list is not exhaustive and does not claim to be medically correct, however it gives you an idea of the adverse effects that can occur during a tour with some fast cures to remedy them.

Company is not responsible for medical problems. A doctor should be consulted in any case. Our team will advise about the medicines you should carry with you when you rent a motorbike for a tour. In a complete package a medical kit including oxygen cylinder and medicaments for common diseases and minor injuries are included.

Riding a motorcycle in Asia, and especially in the Himalayan areas, always presents a potential risk. In order to ride with a maximum of safety and to avoid unplaisant surprises, we always ensure that our motorbikes are in excellent condition and try to prepare you in the best possible way to any kind of situation. However, you should always use your common sense and care for a good preparation.

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