Himachal Divine Ride


A spiritual motorcycle tour in the Himalayan foothills that will lead you to some magnificent holy places and cultural treasures

From 60 feet high staff of Bijli Mahadev temple with panoramic view of Kullu valley to a three storied pagoda-like temple Prasar lake located at a height of 2730 m to Banjar. known as the valley of God. the middle Himalayan range and going towards east, the peaks progressively get taller, finally giving way to the great Himalayan range

The perfect ride to explore virgin nature and knowing the old mythology.

Tour Highlights

Total Kms 930
Culture Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism
Riding hrs. 5 min. - 8 max. /day of ride
Riding level Easy
Visit of great Himalayan national park

Day 1 - Manali (50 km)
Day 2 - Manali (100 km)
Day 3 - Manali - Bijli Mahadev-Kasol (138 km)
Day 4 - Kasol - Manikaran - Kasol (60 km)
Day 5 - Kasol-Prashar Lake (80 km)
Day 6 - Prashar Lake - Rewalsar Lake (74 km)
Day 7 - Rewalsar Lake - Banjar Valley (83 km)
Day 8 - Banjar Valley (50 km)
Day 9 - Banjar Valley - Manali (92 km)
Day 10 - Manali, end of the tour


Detailed Itinerary

Day 1st: Manali

In morning we come to pick you up at the Kullu Airport or at the bus station and drive you to your hotel. Our representatives are there to provide you all the services and soon you’ll be introduced to the bikes and all details about the tour. Go-Pro Cameras on helmets, riding gears, Royal Enfield Bikes, let’s start riding around Manali valley with Adventure activities!

Day 2nd: Manali

You will appreciate a local sightseeing of the beautiful valley. A part of its many places of interest, Manali offers an amazing view of high mountains surrounded by snow and deep boulder strewn gorges. There are thick forests full of cool breeze and bird songs, fields of wild flowers, small picturesque hamlets and fruit laden orchards. We will visit some of the most ancient temples and villages of the region. In ancient times, the valley was sparsely populated by nomadic hunters known as 'rakshas' and some of the earliest inhabitants of the region were the 'naur' or 'nar', which is a unique caste to the Kullu valley. Only a few naur families are known to exist now. Be ready for a whole day of exciting discoveries!

Day 3rd: Manali - Bijli Mahadev - Kasol

From Manali, we’ll start riding to Bijli Mahadev,one of the most sacred temples of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at an altitude of about 2,460m and from the temple, a panoramic view of Kullu and Paravati valleys can be seen.The name comes from the fact that, the lightening (Bijli) strikes the Shiva linga (Mahadev) inside the temple and breaks it into pieces. The priest of the temple collects all the pieces and joins them together with the help of a local butter acting as an adhesive.

We leave this place full of mystery and miracles to reach Kasol, a village situated on the bank of Parvati River, where we’ll spend the night.

Day 4th: Kasol - Manikaran - Kasol

From Kasol, head to Manikaran situated few km far from Kasol only. Manikaran attracts tourists visiting Manali and Kullu to its pilgrim centres and hot springs. According to an old legend, Manikaran is connected with Lord Shiva and his divine consort, Parvati, who lost her ear rings here, which gave birth to hot waters on the bank of Parvati River. Surrounding by mountains and lush greenery, you’ll fully appreciate taking a holy dip in that amazing place. After the bath, back to Kasol. Known as the "mini Israel" in Himachal Pradesh, Kasol offers the much needed respite for young Israelis desperate for a break after their compulsory military service. With a sizeable Israeli population, it comes hardly as a surprise that the signboards outside shops are also written in Hebrew and the recent inflow of Israeli tourists has triggered mushrooming of restaurants, hotels and shops catering to their needs. Kasol is an ideal destination for backpackers, trekkers and nature enthusiasts due to its scenic valley, untouched mountains and great climate throughout the year. A little trek will be organized to Malana, one of the oldest democracies of the world and, according to a tradition, Malanawas founded by remnants of Alexander the Great’s Army.

Day 5th: Kasol - Prashar Lake

We take the direction of Prashar Lake. Located at a height of 2,730m, the lake is held sacred to the sage Prashar and he is regarded to have meditated there. With deep blue waters, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and looking down on the fast flowing river Beas, you’ll be captivated by an immense and sumptuous panorama. There you can rest soothed at the sound of the ripples of the lake or, for the more intrepid, taking a bath in its crystalline waterand after nightfall, you will appreciate to sleep in a real haven of peace and tranquility…

Day 6th: Prashar Lake - Rewalsar Lake

We begin our trip towards Rewalsar Lake, known as Tso Pema (Lotus Lake) by TibetanBuddhists. This lakeis a mid-altitude lake (1360m) located on the mountainside. According to the legend, the lake was created when the king of Mandi tried to burn alive the Guru Padmasambhava, to prevent his daughter Mandarava running off him. A view of Rewalsar town with lake from the top of surrounding hills, some Hindu Temples and Buddhist monasteries, makes a majestic panoramic appearance.

Day 7th: Rewalsar Lake - Banjar Valley

Be ready to discover on that day the next mother’s nature masterpiece.Banjar Valley, also known as the "Valley of Tranquility", is noted for the splendid scenery, sparkling streams, lakes, meadows, thick forest, and high mountain ranges.Its beauty and its majestic hills covered with Pine and Deodar Forest and sprawling Apple Orchards will make you feel like in a veritable heaven upon earth.

Day 8th: Banjar Valley

Ride through the scenic Banjar Valley. A little trek to the Shringa Rishi and Chainikothi temples will be organized.

Day 9th: Banjar Valley - Manali

Back to Manali where our riding days come to the end. For our last night a warm farewell with camp fire, barbecue and guitar live show will be organized with Hardev Motors Team.
We hope that you spent an enjoyable trip with us.

Day 10th: Manali

End of the tour. In the morning, you are free to do some shopping for the family and friends. Shawls, Tweed jackets, costume jewelry, Tibetan handicrafts are the local arts and crafts that you can find easily in Manali and for a reasonable price. After lunch, a transfer to the New Delhi airport or Manali bus station will be organized by our team as per your schedule.

Dates & Services

Departure Date: 11th to 20th May

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  • Royal Enfield 500cc (UCE) with fuel
  • Road captain (Bike + fuel+ accommodation)
  • Backup jeep with luggage carrier
  • Mechanic with spare parts & tool kit
  • Accommodation (Twin sharing basis)
  • Food (M.A.P Basis)
  • Inner line monuments entry fee
  • Pick up/drop at bus stand
  • Farewell party
  • Medical kit
  • Photos & Videos of the tour


  • Lunch on all days
  • International /Domestic flights
  • India Visa
  • Motorbike damage will be covered from your  Refundable security amount
  • Medical insurance/Travel insurance coverage
  • Trip extension in case of road blockage /Natural crisis.
  • Riding Gears.
  • Personal insurance and evacuation charges
  • All expenses of personal nature such as Alcohol, laundry etc.
  • Insurance against or for accidents / loss of life, loss of goods etc.
  • Third party insurance.
  • Tips to guides, drivers etc.
  • Any item not included in the above “cost Includes”.

Terms and conditions


1. Online Booking
A deposit of 30% of the total estimated bill is requiredto hold the booking on a confirm basis at least 90 days before the tour starts.

2. Security deposit
Required deposit: Rs. 10000/- per bike & one original ID proof. Refundable if there is no damage on the bike.

3. Cancellation and refunds
40% of the total estimated bill is refundable until 30 days before the tour starts. Above the stipulated time, 20% will be reimbursed.

4. Responsibility of the applicant
-The company is not responsible in case of physical or fatal injuries.

-The company is not responsible for the bikes damages. If the body, clutch plates or riding gears are damaged because of rough riding the applicant will be charged.

5. Trip extension
If unforeseen circumstances necessitate a trip extension or if the participants decide to extend the motorbike tour, additional costs will be charged to them.

6. Unexpected disruptions
Hardev Motors organizes guided motorcycle tours in some of the wildest areas on earth, accordingly the weather and environment can be unstable especially in the Himalayas.
Company is not responsible for changes in the itinerary or program  that are a result of roadblocks, landslides, monsoon, heavy rain or snow fall and any natural crisis.

7. Rights
HM Holds the rights to refuse/ remove you while on a tour In case of   not follow the rules of ride /command of team leader/Unacceptable behavior with other group members etc. No amount is refundable in that situation.

8. Conditions to participate in our rides
To participate as a rider an individual has to be equal or above the age of 18 years at the time of the tour and be in possession of a valid motorcycle driving license and international driving license (for foreigners), be in good health condition and have at least 2 or 3 years experience in riding a motorcycle.

As a pillion, an individual has to be equal or above the age of 12 years at the time of the tour, in good health condition and with at least some motorcycle co-riding experience.

9.Number of participants
A minimum of 6 riders is required to start a tour.


Bank details
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IFSC: BKID0007909

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