Founder: K.K. Thakur (Raju)
The founder of motorbike activities in Manali is a true motorbike-addicted. He founded Hardev Motors as a dedication to his grand father named Hardev in 1985. Raju owns more than 25 years of knowledge concerning motorbikes and motorbike tours.

Co-founder/Team Leader: Sonu Rajput
Runs Hardev Motors since 2003. His knowledge about motorbiking under extreme conditions is second to none Sonu Rajput fell in the world of motorbikes at a very young age. At only 13 years of age, as a professional rider he did his first motorcycle tour to Leh-Ladakh , After riding 27000kms From the land of Maharajas” Rajasthan to the surrealistic lunar landscape of Ladakh , spiti . passing by the lush valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Nepal or Bhtan. All the itineraries unlock & explored by sonu. He manages the company and at the same time the first team leader for motorbike tours. Exploring even further, crossing the borders and going through the highest motorable passes, in order to offer you more and more unique tours and breath-taking Motorcycle adventures.

Female Team Leader: Anais Homble
A lady who is the soul of the company / a deep knowledge of all the rides. She explore most of the rides and knows how to run a tour and provide the best riding adventures experience & services, knows French, Spanish, Italian and a first female team leader / guide of the rides .

Female Team Leader: Diana Schweinert
German Lady traveled from Kashmir to kanyakumari with legendry Royal enfield in 2014 .
She ride Approx 20,000kms. From cold desert of Himalayas to Green Magnificent sea and still the riding journey is going on…As we believe that For an adventure lover and rider's , There is always something more to explore.

After having cavernous riding experience she decided to be part of company and provide the same riding adventure & share the same experience to all the riders around the world by as a road captain of tours.

Knows English, German, French, and Spanish.

Passionate by motorbike and mechanics, Théo presently promote the essence of the company abroad.


(Office manager) Yuvraj (Bantu)
Yuvraj listens carefully to its customers and makes every effort to meet your needs and requirements concerning all aspects of the motorbike tours and motorbikes.


Mechanical Team of Hardev Motorsinspects the state of the motorbikesregulary, preservingtheirqualitywith the original Royal Enfield spare parts and fixing themwith the highestdegree of expertise.

Our Mechanical Team

Dharam (Head Mechanic) Dharam our workshop's head mechanic who is working with royal enfield Motorbikes from the age of 15. A very deep knowledge of royal enfield and his dedicated working skills with machines makes our motorbikes very powerfull beast to conquer to any parts from extreme Himalayas.

Suraj (Mechanic)
This Young boy join hm in 2014 and having a curiosity to learn royal enfield mechanical job and to explore Himalayas makes him a mechanic which delivers the amazing safety & maintenance of our bikes on rides & keep delivering the best moto ride adventures journey.

Vicky (Mechanic) He born as a deaf. But his hard work and a special 6th sense power makes him to be some of the best team members of our company.

An extra ordinary way to feeling and repair the motorbikes makes us amaze too. He is blessed and born to be a passionate bikers and Mechanic of royal enfield.

Kushwant (Helper)

Field Team

Field Team of Hardev Motors isresponsible for preventing you from any kind of problems and for making your motorbike tour progresses in the best possible conditions.

Praveen thakur (Field Supervisor/road captain)

Pankaj Thakur (road captain/ rides supervisor)

Nishanth Thakur (back up jeep driver )

Atul Sharma (back up jeep driver)

Contact Info


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+91-1902 250115
On the way to Vashisht,
opposite of Sita Cottage
Manali, Distt. Kullu (H.P.) 175131, India

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