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Founder Of Hardev Motors

On weekends and after school, while the other children were engaged in age-appropriate activities, like bicycling, Sonu and his brother rushed to their dad’s workplace to borrow one of the 80 motorbikes that he owned at that time. What a playground for kids! Sonu and his brother used to push the motorbike on the top of a hill and hurtled down the slope alternately without starting the motorbike. For many months, this activity became their favourite occupation during their spare time.
Sonu Rajput fell in the world of motorbikes at a very young age. When he was only 8 years old, he used to play with his younger brother on a Yamaha RX100 motorbike, taken from his father’s (Mr Raju) workshop.

In the world of motorbikes, where the thrill of the open road and the roar of an engine captivate enthusiasts,there are few stories as inspiring as that of Sonu Rajput, the visionary founder of Hardev Motors. From a young age, Sonu’s destiny was intertwined with motorbikes, and his journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

At the tender age of 8, Sonu’s fascination with motorbikes was ignited as he played with his younger brother on a Yamaha RX100, a relic from his father’s workshop. While other children were content with traditional pastimes, Sonu and his brother found their playground atop a hill, pushing the motorbike down the slope without starting the engine. This simple act evolved into a passionate pursuit, consuming their spare moments and fostering a deep connection to motorbikes.

As time went on, Sonu’s involvement grew from playful experimentation to a profound understanding of motorbike mechanics. Weekends and after-school hours were dedicated to assisting his father in the workshop,evolving from cleaning and maintenance tasks to learning the intricacies of these machines. Sonu’s dedicationand natural aptitude paved the way for him to grasp the inner workings of motorbikes, setting the foundation for his future endeavors.

However, it wasn’t until Sonu’s determination to master riding a motorbike came to the forefront that his true mettle shone through. Undeterred by his father’s hesitation and lack of instruction, Sonu took the initiative to learn to ride on his own. Countless falls and minor mishaps later, Sonu emerged not only as a proficient rider but also as a testament to his unwavering commitment.

Sonu’s passion found its perfect match in Royal Enfield motorbikes. Inspired by a mechanic’s succinct yet compelling description of the unique experience they offered, Sonu acquired his first Royal Enfield and painstakingly restored it to its former glory. This marked the beginning of a deep and abiding connection to Royal Enfield, a brand that would become synonymous with Hardev Motors.

As the years went by, Sonu’s expertise grew exponentially. From his first motorcycle tour to Leh-Ladakh at the age of 13 to conquering some of the world’s highest motorable passes, Sonu’s journey was a testament to his unyielding spirit and unmatched determination. His passion for Royal Enfield motorbikes continued to fuel his quest for excellence, leading to innovations and improvements that would ultimately shape the future of Hardev Motors.

In due time, Sonu Rajput assumed the reins of Hardev Motors, transforming it into a beacon of quality and innovation. With an unparalleled selection of Royal Enfield motorbikes and a wealth of mechanical knowledge and riding experience, Sonu steered the company towards new horizons. Under his leadership, Hardev Motors became synonymous with adventure, offering extraordinary motorcycle tours that spanned the diverse landscapes of India, exclusively on Royal Enfield motorbikes.

Today, Hardev Motors stands as a testament to Sonu Rajput’s enduring passion and unrelenting pursuit of excellence. With over three decades of experience, Sonu and his dedicated team continue to push boundaries, modernize the company, and provide unparalleled services to motorbike enthusiasts from around the world. From the opulent realms of the Maharajas to the breathtaking vistas of Ladakh and beyond, Hardev Motor’s- legacy is a tribute to Sonu Rajput’s unwavering commitment to his lifelong passion.

“Passion for motorbikes since 1985” – a mantra that encapsulates Sonu Rajput’s remarkable journey and the indomitable spirit that propels Hardev Motors forward, carrying the torch for motorbike enthusiasts everywhere.

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